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Happy New Year

Thank you so much for all the support and lovely messages I got over they year. I worked with many awesome people this year and I am always grateful for each project that went well if it was easy from the beginning or not.

This year I learned a lot. I learned to better paint hair, the very basics of zBrush, got much better with Daz3d, finally had some good feelings for my drawings on my IPad Mini and learned how to make Book Trailers.

With the Inflation, war in Europa and STILL Corona, things where really not easy. So I tried to be as flexible as I can be. I will always accept payment plans for Customs. Just ask me! I am a huge fan of supporting each other. So I try to come at least half the way to you!

My year was very exhausting. I worked so much like never before (which is so great..really! I love doing art.) Much more than in Corona times as we had some finanziell trouble and I had to support my parents a lot. But at least we are all as well as we can be and that is more important than the money!

Also the whole AI issue is something, which freaked me and most of my colleagues out. Some are thinking of quitting their job, because they see no future when images become worthless with Millions of free images produced by Midjourney, Stable etc. I still hope and believe in the humanity. I believe that you as an author value it more, that your story, which is written with your heartblood, will also be illustrated by a human mind. Also more and more this year I did full marketing campaigns where I made promotional material for all social media channels, made trailers and also illustrations for inside the book. I also made kickstarter campaigns to help raise money for hardcovers etc. Also I hope that the instant support when you have trouble with your print etc. is something you might value, too. I will not use any AI until there is some fundamental change to it - legally and ethically. So you can be sure I only use my own Daz3d Render, boutique Stock or Stock from providers on the Stock sites, from which I know are photographers or use also Daz3d. You can always ask me for videos of my layers etc. to proof it. I just hope there will be some kind of regulation to AI in EVERY section. Because the writing AIs etc. are just the next to drop on wide range. But time will tell. In the meantime I will do art. I think I will always do art in one way or another. Isn't it the most awesome thing to have a job, where you are not every day afraid to get in? Or just totally bored or rushed? I think you as an author love what you do like I love doing art. Let's just create! To a better 2023! We hopefully don't need Wall-E to clean after us at all..

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